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4ft by 4ft  Oil on Wood


2015. All rights reserved. 

Joesph's Skull

Beyond Empirical Knowledge - Phrenology 


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Transorbital Lobotomies were developed in 1936 by Walter Freeman and James Watts.  The procedure was refined by Freeman in 1945 to enable its widespread use in psychiatric hospitals. 40,000 people were lobotomized in the United States until the practice ceased in the early 1970’s.

The purpose of the treatment was to reduce the symptoms of mental disorder, recognizing that this would be at the expense of the patient’s personality and intellect. British psychiatrist Maurice Partridge conducted a follow-up study of 300 lobotomy patients and found that the treatment achieved its effects by “reducing the complexity of psychic life”.  Lobotomies effectively reduced individuals’ spontaneity, responsiveness, self-awareness and self-control.

For many of those treated with this procedure, activity was replaced with inertia, they were left emotionally blunted and with a restricted intellectual range.                                                                           

This is the second piece in a new series of paintings depicting various psychiatric procedures that are no longer utilized. Mental Health treatments have evolved into a variety of evidence based interventions, when correctly used, can benefit not only the life of the individual but his family and the community they reside in.  My purpose is to reduce the stigma of mental illness by filtering my personal and professional experiences through the eyes of the artist.

Ginny P. 

A life lost

Ginny P. was institutionalized in 1944 for being objectionable and not wanting to move back home after college. She died in 1998, after enduring 187 electro shock therapies, over 30 insulin shock therapies and several lobotomies. The final lobotomy left her mute and unable to function. She spent the last 25 years wandering the halls of the institution, mute, mumbling and unable to feed herself or use the bathroom without prompting. The painting represents her finally finding peace; as she escapes her captivity through her passing in 1998.

Transorbital Lobotomy

Cross Section

The imposed state of dreams 

4ft by 4ft  Oil on Wood


Beset by media, advertising, the barrage of information that finds us.

We strap it to our heads and Wham....off we go...

it peels our skin  pulled in many different directions.

2015. All rights reserved. 

4ft by 4ft  Oil on Wood


The illusion of Modern Life.

The imposed state of a dream. Pastel colors; pleasant and kind the pablum of


forced upon our


Our brains are raped with cold hard instruments.  

As dark reality seeps into the conscious landscape.

A steel instrument is forced into the center of our soul,

violent and harsh,

We are fed empty promises.

We slip into a state of an imposed dream of mind to survive.

2015. All rights reserved. 

Electro Convulsve Therapy. 

ECT - look into a mirror and what do I see.....


4ft by 4ft 

 Oil on Wood

$1250 usd

2015. All rights reserved. 

It is what I have of it

Dedicated to Ginny P.  

Gallery #2                 Series # 2